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Permits  are required for building, electrical, plumbing, heating and air conditioning, and related work. Permits may be obtained from the Building Department at City Hall. Work is checked by City inspectors for code compliance.

Peddlers/Solicitors  are required to obtain a Transient Merchant License from the City. If approached by a peddler or solicitor who does not have a license, or who refuses to leave when requested, call the police department at 9-1-1.

Signs: Contact the Planning Department for special sign permit requirements.

Signs placed in violation of City ordinances or other regulations may be removed by City personnel.

  • No signs are allowed within the public right-of-way or in any location where they could obstruct sight lines for motorists or interfere with safe movement of traffic. 
  • Signs may not be placed on utility poles. 
  • Political signs may be placed for 30 days before and 10 days after an election.

Trails: North Branch is the head of the Sunrise Prairie Trail. This trail runs from North Branch south to the Chisago/Washington County line. The trail provides bikers, rollerbladers, walkers, and snowmobilers with a scenic ride through Chisago County.

Curfew: North Branch's curfew ordinance prohibits minors under the age of 17 from being on public streets, highways, parks, playgrounds, or public places unsupervised between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. the following day. Young people out after curfew can be stopped and questioned by police; curfew violations may lead to a fine or court appearance. Parents or guardians may also be guilty of a misdemeanor if they allow-either intentional or through negligent supervision-a juvenile to break curfew.

Young people may be out after curfew if they are with a parent, guardian, or other responsible adult. They may also be out if they are attending or returning from an organized and supervised school function.

Parking: It is unlawful for anyone to park a vehicle on a public alley, street or highway within the City between the hours of 1 a.m. and 7 a.m. from November 1st until April 1st, or after any snowstorm until the snow has been removed. 

If your car is parked on a street during hours when it is prohibited, you can be given a parking ticket and your vehicle could be towed. Car owners are responsible for both the towing and impound costs

Park Regulations: Parks are closed from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m.  No motorized vehicles are allowed in any City park, except on designated roadways and parking areas.  Fires are prohibited in parks, except in grills. Fires shall be attended at all times. Overnight camping is prohibited.  Littering, intoxicating beverages, and defacing property are prohibited. 

Picnic shelter areas may be reserved. Reservations can be made at City Hall.

Snowmobiles: Snowmobiles are prohibited on public streets and lands except the following streets: Elm Street from 1st Avenue to 14th Avenue; Oakview Avenue from Elm Street to Highway 95; and the ditch between the west side of County Road 30 and the railroad right-of-way between the north and south City limits. Snowmobiles are allowed on designated trails within the City. Contact the local Sno-Drifters Snowmobile Club.

Driver's Licenses/Car Tabs: North Branch does not have license bureau. You may obtain a driver's license or vehicle license at one of the following license bureaus: 

Chisago City Deputy Registrar, (651) 257-6578
Cambridge Deputy Registrar, (763) 689-1130; or 
Washington County License Bureau, (651) 464-7500

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